Remembering the First African American Bahá'í


A black and white photograph of Robert Turner taken circa 1900
Photo of Robert Turner, taken circa 1900

Group that made the first Western Pilgrimage in 1898: Back row, L to R: Robert Turner (first African-American Bahá’í), Anne Apperson (niece of Phoebe Apperson Hearst), Julia Pearson (Mrs. Hearst’s assistant and tutor for Agnes Lane, Mrs. Hearst’s young cousin, not shown). Front row, L-R: Daughter of Ibrahim Khayru’llah; Mrs. Marion Khayru’llah; Ibrahim Khayru’llah (early teacher of the Baha’i Faith in the U.S.); Lua Getsinger (Banner of the Cause); second daughter of Ibrahim Khayru’llah from a previous marriage.

Robert Tuner, a Disciple of  `Abdu’lBahá

The Disciples of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, also ‘Heralds of the Covenant’, were a group of nineteen western Bahá’ís designated as such by Shoghi Effendi.

Robert Turner Passport Application 1895
Robert Turner, accompanying the Phoebe Hearst pilgrimage group during their visit to Egypt’s pyramids and the Sphinx in early 1899.

A letter about Robert Turner by Mirzá Ali-Kuli Khan.
Letter by Mirzá Ali-Kuli Khan
Robert Turner Obituary

The American Bahá’í (March 1981)

Platted Records of the Robert Turner Burial Plot

Remembering the First African American Bahá'í